1220148 1 Ted Zelman is an experienced Trial Attorney who is also active in bicycling, triathlon and running. He has raced in over 100 triathlons at distances up to a Half Ironman. He has competed in many running races including 2 marathons.

He is an active bicyclist who has ridden many distance rides including the Triple Bypass in Colorado and the Nove Colli in Italy. He is very active in bicycling safety issues.

Ted Zelman has represented bicyclists in numerous accident cases. He uses his knowledge and experience of bicycling on behalf of his clients.

He has won Trials and settlements in excess of $4,000,000.00 on behalf of bicyclist clients. Ted Zelman has a policy of assisting bicyclists. He helps bicyclists whose bicycles have been damaged by motor vehicles obtain compensation for those losses without charge.

There are two photos at the bottom of this blog. Each photo is of an object that lodged in the spokes of the front wheel of a bicycle, stopping the wheel’s movement.

Each cyclist pinwheeled over his handlebars and struck the ground, with catastrophic results. The crashes occurred more than three years apart. Neither bicycle was struck by a motor vehicle, another bicycle, or anything else.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, January 30 2019

An excellent opportunity for you to learn about the issues and provide input about how to improve cycling safety in Collier County.

Come and learn what is being done by Collier County, the City of Naples, The Naples Pathway Coalition and The Naples VELO Bicycle Club to make the roads of Southwest Florida safer for you as a cyclist.

Sponsored By Naples Pathway Coalition and Naples VELO Bicycle Club

In July 2015, a jury in Roanoke, Virginia awarded $300,000 to a bicyclist for injuries she sustained in a collision with a jogger. The incident occurred on a greenway. The jogger and the bicyclist were traveling in the same direction.

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