There are two photos at the bottom of this blog. Each photo is of an object that lodged in the spokes of the front wheel of a bicycle, stopping the wheel’s movement.

Each cyclist pinwheeled over his handlebars and struck the ground, with catastrophic results. The crashes occurred more than three years apart. Neither bicycle was struck by a motor vehicle, another bicycle, or anything else.

Ted Zelman represented both families and obtained significant settlements on their behalf. It required proving that each object came from a motor vehicle. In each case, recovery was obtained from the bicyclist’s own auto insurance policy, under its uninsured motorist coverage.

There are two lessons here. The first is the importance of uninsured motorist insurance. I have written about this before. Uninsured motorist insurance covers you and your loved ones from damages caused by financially irresponsible bad drivers.

The second lesson is the importance of preserving evidence – the object, the bicycle, the helmet, the identity of witnesses. Obviously a catastrophically injured cyclist cannot do this for him or herself. As cyclists we owe responsibilities to those with whom we ride. When you are riding with someone injured in a crash, preserve the evidence. Take photos, especially of the scene, vehicles and injured person, and get names and contact information of witnesses.

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