A new government report tells us what bicycle riders in Florida already know: Florida is a dangerous place to ride a bike!

The study focused on the years 2010-2012. During the that time, there were 338 bicycle fatalities in Calfornia. Florida with half the population of California, had 329 fatalities. No other state had as many as 150 bike deaths.

Florida also has the highest rate of bike riders killed as a percentage of all traffic fatalities. Nationally, 2% of all traffic fatalities are bike riders. In Florida, 5% are bike riders.

Almost 90% of all bicycle fatalities are adults. More than 2 of 3 bike fatalities were not wearing a helment. More than 1 of 4 were legally intoxicated.

The report talks about the three E's of safety: education,enforcement and engineering as ways to reduce bike fatalities. 

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