So many clients and their loved ones are upset that the motorists that injure or even kill bicyclists are not prosecuted criminally. It is very rare even in traffic fatalities, for a motorist to be charged with any crime other than DUI or hit and run.

It is more common for a motorist to receive a traffic ticket. This can result in a fine. This issue was the subject of a recent commentary by an editor for Men's Journal with the provocative title, Is it OK to Kill Cyclists?

One potential solution is what is called a Vulnerable User Law. In 2007, Oregon passed such a law. It enhances the punishment for traffic offenses when the motorist injuries or kills a bicyclist,pedestrian,or motorcyclist. Florida has considered passing such a law. Our legislature has not done so.

We encourage you to contact us if you have been injured by a motorist. We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts and your questions about a Vulnerable User Law.

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